I work hard to provide the missing human connection in technical products by being involved from day one of research, through to the Nth day of design and usability testing.

I started my career as a web developer over seven years ago; studying at night school and working on a 14,000+ page hand-coded a website with no content management system (yes, life was archaic then.) Thankfully, the tools of the trade have evolved alongside the need for advanced systems of digital behavior and interaction design, and the breadth of my experience along with it.

While I’ve always worked from a “content first” approach on my projects, UX design requires an additional level of consideration – that of “goal-driven design.” In order to satisfy both stakeholders and customers in a unified product experience, I believe that the why must be addressed first. It’s easy to understand what a user wants to accomplish, but it’s better to take a step back and understand why, so that peripheral tasks and accomplishments can be scooped up and achieved within an overarching goal, leaving a deeper level of satisfaction across the board. 

Case Studies

Dive deeper into my UX design process by reading through some of these detailed case studies:

  • Harvard Gazette: A biennial UX refresh taking into account updated University business goals, current UX best practices, and evolving user behavior statistics.
    [ user personas ]
  • Harvard College: A complete website redesign involving a UX, IA, graphic design, and server-side overhaul of the virtual college undergraduate experience.
    [ mood board, wireframes, prototypes ]
  • Web Archiving Platform (link available upon request): A total in-app workflow revamp and development of new feature requests direct from user feedback.
    [ user story/epic, design and function prototype ]



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