laura totten web design

A holistic approach to web, user experience, and graphic design services


Crafted with Care

Whether your product is web, mobile, or software based – I want users to get what they came for, and be pleased with their experience along the way.


Content Strategy

When your business needs are combined with my long-term strategic thinking, we both come out on top.

Responsive Design

Rest assured, your website’s design will seamlessly transition between all screen sizes and devices.

Easy-to-use tools

I equip my clients with simple editing tools that empower them to take the reigns moving forward.

watercolor painting of blue flowers
  • Testimonials

    My experience working with Laura has been exceptional in every way. In the re-design and rebuild of my website, she asked questions that were refined and acute, drawing out creativity without excess; she was able to ‘see’ my vision in ways I could not.
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  • Testimonials

    Laura is a gifted designer. Her clear direction enabled me to organize, stylize, personalize, professionalize, and present my business in a way that feels ‘just right’.
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  • Testimonials

    Laura’s efficiency, support, and ability to communicate foreign concepts made our work together both a breeze and a joy. I’m so happy to have benefited from Laura’s talents as a designer, and I can only recommend her with heartfelt enthusiasm.
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