*Painting of Laura done by Pecan

As a Web Developer/Designer with a background in Marketing and Electrical Engineering, I’ve got a unique ability to become the connective tissue between intuitive design, technical solutions, and business strategy.

My current focus is on UX (user experience design), IA (information architecture), and solutions engineering, realized through web and product design.

When problem solving or designing a new workflow, I first aim to understand and define user requirements, relying heavily on user behavior data and current market research to comprehend the unique context of how users will interact with the product. I also believe that content is king, and work hard to create an IA system that surfaces necessary and useful data in an efficient, yet beautiful interactive experience.

Whether the product is web, mobile, or software based – I want users to get what they came for, and be pleased with their experience along the way.

I’ve got a penchant for requirements analysis, data collection, risk assessment, and process improvement, which has lead me down a parallel path of UX design and product management within Higher Ed, SaaS (software as a service), and independent contracting. I have experience providing direct technical consultancy to internal and external clients, and translating business needs into technical requirements.

Plus, I actually like spreadsheets.

My expertise lies in HTML, CSS, jQuery, XML, and Wordpress; with a working knowledge of Javascript, PHP, SQL, and Drupal.